I am having way too much fun with these stand-alone pages.  Seriously, they are so much fun.  If I'm not careful, I'm gonna end up with twenty of these.  But--sorry, I got sidetracked--that's not my point.

My new notice is this: We are nearing the end of our four month furlough, and if you thought it was crazy before hand, think again!  We now enter the panic mode of packing, cramming in everything else we needed to do, shopping for last minute necessities, and goodbyes to family.

No worries, right?  I can just do a blogpost once I get back to Tanzania?  Wrong.  Then, I have school to catch up on!  (Have mercy on me)

So, in light of that, I apologize if I do not get around to doing as many blogposts....but school does come first.  Whether I like it or not.


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