I am having way too much fun with these stand-alone pages.  Seriously, they are so much fun.  If I'm not careful, I'm gonna end up with twenty of these.  But--sorry, I got sidetracked--that's not my point.

My notice is this: Blogger is not user-friendly in any way, so I apologize if things don't look right on your screen!  I recently changed my whole template (I love how it looks!!) and Blogger just doesn't want to make it easy for me.  My thoughts:

Previous posts may look off-kilter, and I realize there are some oddly spaced paragraphs now, but bear with me, cause it looks much better than it did before.

You know what?  I think that'll just about do it for right now!  I hope this explains why things look a little funky!  I just didn't want you thinking I was too lazy to fix it.  I spent three hours trying to get it to that point, after that...well, I gave up fighting Blogger.


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