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A flicker of light in a world of darkness


It has been almost six months since we arrived in Tanzania and we are as hot as ever!  Just close your eyes and imagine.....You are in a classroom with 23 other people, right after 40 minutes of PE when it is 98 degrees outside and the sun is shining hard, and suddenly---the electricity goes out!  No fans and you are stuck in that room for another 35 minutes- in a button up polo shirt with a collar and black pants.  Yippee! So please, my message for today is: if you have cool weather, enjoy it!

As I've been attending HOPAC (the Christian international school), I've begun to notice something that I hadn't when we were in South Africa.  Down in SA, my social life with peers was at church and at my sport.  Because we were home schooled, I didn't have extensive contact with peers.  After attending HOPAC for a few months, I've really been enjoying the fact that I can witness to others.  Most of the people in my life in South Africa were Christians, which was grea…