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Hilarious Highlights

Fair warning: This blogpost is a compilation of random wacky moments that we have, funny facts, and silly stories.  For any of you who are allergic to some or all of the above, I would suggest not reading any further.  For those of you who love those things, by all means, read ahead!

Have you ever been dozing off in the front seat, resting your eyes, when all of a sudden you hear the driver (A.K.A. your mom...) say something totally wacky?  I'm sure you've all been there.  Maybe you've been the driver.  But I'd like to tell you what I hear when I'm resting my feet on the dashboard, because I doubt many of you have ever heard this come from the driver's side of the car!!
"Abby, the stoplight is on the wrong side of the road. Is it green or red? Oh, never mind.  I'll go when they start honking behind me.  I'm just a crazy mzungu (white person); no one cares."     This is one of those moments when you just open one eye and glance at them like...&…