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Furlough: Survive Alive

My family is almost done with our seven-month furlough, so I thought this would be a good time to share a few of my thoughts and tips on furlough.  There were tons of things that I enjoyed on furlough, but seven months away from home becomes hard for me and my siblings.  While furlough is fun, it gets challenging.

My little sister loves spending time with family when on furlough

One of the most obvious reasons for why it is so difficult is that it is just hard to be separated from friends.  If your furloughs are similar to mine, you are probably visiting supporters and family almost every other day!  But no matter how many people you see, you still miss your close friends.  You miss having kids your age to talk with.  When on furlough, I've found myself holding back from starting a friendship because I know we'll be leaving in just a few months!  And after I assume that mindset, I feel lonely.

Reason number two is that visiting churches, talking with people you don't know,…