Hey!  Now that I've finally figured out how to add stand alone pages for my blog, (Yeah, I'm not super tech-savvy...you'd learn that real quick if you lived with me for a day or two) I thought it would be fun to add an "about me" page to my blog!

I've grown up on three separate mission fields, never really knowing what country I belong to or what nationality I'm from.  As I got older, I wanted to use my love of writing to show the rest of the world the life of an MK (missionary kid).  I wanted to give others a peak into what it's like living in the far away mystical country of Africa (if you didn't catch it, read it again), but I also wanted to create a safe haven for MKs as well as try and put to words what they often can't express.

If you are an MK, or TCK (third culture kid), or have been in the past, my hope would be that you can relate to these posts and perhaps chuckle a little at memories of your own.  If you are not an MK or TCK, I am so happy you are reading this!  This blog is exactly what it is called: Thoughts of a Third Culture Kid.  These are my thoughts--my funny stories, my challenges and hurdles, my pictures from all over the world, and, of course, my corny jokes.   If you cannot relate to the life of a TCK, then my hope would be that maybe you can understand us a little better after these posts.  Whether you have one as relative, a co-worker, or a missionary family you support...I'm sure you know a TCK from some point in life.

As it is, I want this blogpost to be for those who either can personally relate to a TCKs position in life, or those who want to understand the viewpoint of a TCK (which I'm hoping is most everyone).  If you're just reading for my amazingly witty jokes, I'm sorry to break it to you, but that just ain't happenin'.   I can assure you though, the life of a TCK is far from boring!  (This will not be one of those blogs that puts you to sleep, I hope)

However, I am still learning how to write.  So this blogpost will still be full of funny little grammar mistakes and some paragraphs that don't run well.  (My mom only has to proof read my drafts about five times before I publish it)  Think of it as a journey for you as well--a journey of patience, that is. I've been told that patience builds character, but I'm not so sure.

I guess I should probably give you little mental picture about who's rambling on and on right now.  I'm Abby Farran, an MK now living in Lisbon, Portugal, but I have previous addresses on two other continents, having lived in Tanzania, South Africa, and America.  I have two little sisters, a love of books, a fear of spiders, a craving for chocolate, a 4.0 GPA (yes, I did pass my underwater basket weaving class), a soft spot for baby animals, an addiction to minions, and a wardrobe full of bright colors.  I think that just about covers it, what says you? Oops, I forgot.  Every important bio has to have pet peeves.  I can't stand pen-clicking and lukewarm drinks.  Yep, now I'm good.

But, I will mention that I absolutely love it when I hear from you!  If you have questions, funny stories of experiences overseas, suggestions for my next blogpost...email me at 13farran@gmail.com

I have another confession.  I'm super excited to finally have an "about me" page up on my blog!  I had so much fun writing this, and I hope you had fun reading it as well!  If you enjoyed it, I have about 17 posts on my main page as well as stand-alone pages at the top.  If you didn't enjoy it...well, then the buck stops here.  I'll just blame it on my cheesy jokes and won't take it personally.  If you have the guts to continue on, I do hope you enjoy the journey!  Wading through corny jokes, cheesy pictures, weird stories from Africa, challenges to think on, and explanations as to what TCKs go through is no easy task.  I would advise a cup of warm milk and a bar of chocolate to keep your energy levels high.

~Abby Farran