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Destination: Middle of Nowhere

Mambo!  My family and I have settled into Dar es Salaam and have started our ministry to ABWE missionaries.   A few weeks ago, we went on our first trip to South Sudan to visit the Siglers who are missionaries out there!
The Siglers
We had to fly on a tiny plane that only has six seats to get there, and we arrive and the runway is a dirt path with cows that decided to lay down in the middle of it.  They should have had a sign that said: Welcome to the Middle of Nowhere!  If any of you are wondering, that is where we were.

See that windy path that just looks like a road? That is the river we had to cross to reach the village.  If you thought that was the river....wishful thinking.   

   This is not the road either.  That was the runway that is not as smooth as it looks....

We were out in the African bush, complete with the tribes and villages.  You know, the classic African tribe where clothes are optional, everyone has a million piercings, they cut themselves and the scars will form des…