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Missionary Family

Mambo! (Swahili greeting)

We've been in Tanzania for over a month now! Can't believe it.

My sister and I are starting at the international school in just a few days.  First. School. Ever.
We've met some girls in our grade these past few weeks, and we have been given some opportunities to spend some time with them.  That was great and has helped us look forward to experiencing will be a first!

As we've been hanging out with the different missionaries, even ones from different mission organizations, it's made me think about how close of a community it is on the mission field.

For an organization of any occupation to function well, the members have to work as a team.  That is the only way an organization can work.  The same goes for missionaries.  But, unlike a normal job, a missionary team has to work like a family.    For most of us MKs (missionary kids), we are away from grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, maybe even other siblings!  It is hard to be …