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Welcome to Zanzibar!

As I mentioned in my last post, we took my grandparents to Zanzibar while they were visiting us.  It was so cool, I just had to put a post up about this island that is filled to the brim with history, spices, and doors. (I'll explain that in a moment)

When we arrived in Zanzibar, it took me under five minutes to decide that the hassle to get there was definitely worth it.  We were staying in the old part of Zanzibar called Stone Town, which consists of old alleys and pathways that wind around in circles, lined on both sides by ornate wooden doors with carvings all over them, shops filled to the brim with paintings, bright clothing, beautiful wood carvings, and beaded jewelry, old houses that have been there for centuries, women offering ornate henna painting (I was seriously tempted), and much more.   You could wander for hours and never get bored.  I even found a shop that sold old kitchenware.  Just to make sure you're not thinking of rusty mixers and moldy waffle mak…