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MK thoughts and experiences


A belated Happy Easter to all from Dar es Salaam!  I would tell you all about out Easter egg hunt except for the fact that....well, we didn't have one.  Weather reports have been telling people to stay indoors because of the rising temperature, so we ate our candy indoors.  In case you're wondering, the heat index of what the temperature feels along with the humidity has reached 120 degrees a couple of times.

For this blog post, I have a guest writer- Abigail Hile. She was an MK in South Africa since she was a baby, and grew up calling it her home country.  She and her two brothers were very active in the parents' mission work, but when Abigail was in her junior year of high school, they moved back to the States.

While she lived in South Africa, they were only a couple hours away from our family.  I saw her often, since we were on the same missions team.  I always enjoyed visiting them.  She was always the  cool, older MK that would spend time with the younger girls, a…