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Culture Clash

Hey!  I hope you enjoyed my last post!  I had so much fun writing it, and I do hope you put at least one of those authors on your "must read" list.  :)  My hope for this next post is a tad bit different.  This post is going to be an explanation of sorts, and I hope an eye opener for some.

American culture and most African cultures are polar opposites.  Because of that, there are multiple barriers that stay strong and steady between the cultures.  Since I've been crossing "enemy lines" for ten years, I have been able to stand in "no man's land" and view the crossfire coming from both sides at a different angle.

Are you ready for the first big barrier?  This one is probably one of the largest cultural differences between most African cultures and American culture, and it might be surprising.


In America, time is a commodity, a tool, something to be used wisely.  You see people rushing around, trying to get their money's worth out of the…