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#BookWorm For Life

I'm gonna let you know right off the bat: I am a complete and total bookworm.  I will stand by the phrase that books can be someone's best friend.  Soooo, this is a post I've wanted to do for quite awhile.  I hope you enjoy it...but if you're not a book lover, I apologize.  Because me talking about books is kinda like:

#1~Ok, my all time favorite series (like, seriously) is the Hunger Games.  Please, let me explain myself before you completely shut down.  I know many people are opposed to them because, well, it sounds like their all about killing.  And I can assure you, there is a lot of killing in them.  But I loved the books despite it, and I'll repeat some of the reasons that I gave to my friends when they stubbornly refused to read them (Yes, Ethan, I'm talking to you).

Suzanne Collins is one of the very few authors who wrote a trilogy that managed to keep readers interested and hooked the entire way.  Most trilogies kinda lose their forward momentum, at lea…

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