Weekly Laughs

These are my laughs of the week (I'll try my best to update this every time I put a post up).  Normally, when I look up something funny for a post, I come across so many irrelevant things that I can't put in my blog...but they're just so funny that I couldn't stand not sharing them with you guys anymore!!  This is a random compilation of pictures or quotes that made my day--and I hope they make yours too!

Hey, I'm sorry, this one won't be related to my post.  I couldn't find many funny pictures about it...so, I hope you enjoy these!  I recently had a good laugh over them!

Bethany Dunker, this is something you would say to me, don't deny it

Willem, this about describes our friendship, wouldn't you say?

Oh yes.  Don't judge. 

To Ben Bramsen--when walking past math class.  What you did, I will not repeat.

To Joanna Erwin

I admit...I am that friend. 


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